Love the one you’re with! (Your body, that is…)

Over ten years ago, when I was in my early 50’s, I developed our distinctive line of clothing for very personal reasons: to flatter and support my own changing body.

I wanted to wear clothing that expressed who I was as an artist and also minimized those “problem areas” that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

Over the years, our design team at Art of Cloth has learned to address these particular issues that we sometimes don't like to talk about with our flattering silhouettes.

More importantly, we learned that calling these areas "problems" - and not talking about them - is not the way we want to approach our relationships with our bodies and how we clothe them.

What I’ve noticed in 15 years of dressing women, though, is that we are never happy with the body that we have.

We are too fat, too thin, too busty, too flat, too this or too that. We have "muffin top", "back fat", "gizzard arms", and "saddlebags". The list goes on and on.


But we decided we don't want to live that way. So all of here at Art of Cloth got together and made a new list...

This bunch of girls in a warehouse has made it our mission to design clothes with the aim of celebrating your beauty, not avoiding your body!

Now, the rest is up to you!

You need to LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH! (Your body, that is.) Here’s how we think it's done:

1. Channel energy into positive things. Your relationships, your passions, and what’s meaningful to you. Life is too short to be wasting energy on what you think is wrong with you.

2. Celebrate your own kind of beautiful! Beauty comes in all different packages. Our culture and the media try to tell us what beauty is, but don’t fall victim to that.

3. Be healthy. If you feel good, that’s what really matters.

4. Cultivate confidence. It’s an inside job. Let your beauty shine from within.

5. Have fun! Life is meant to be lived and your body is your vehicle on this journey. Enjoy it. Honor it. Appreciate it.

We are proud and happy that our concept of artistic, flattering clothing for women of all shapes and sizes has taken off and been so well received, but more importantly we want you to love and embrace the ideas behind it.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to take some Time to Talk about how to actually do these five things above.

We all know that we are supposed to love our bodies and embrace our differences... but how do we do that if/when we don't always feel the love? 

We invite you to begin living this list with us here at the studio, because we're on this journey together.

Can you do me a favor?

Will you shoot me an email at Just take one of those five items above and tell me how you try to accomplish it in specific ideas or actions? I'd love to hear how you do the above.

(And if you don't do any of them, maybe share which one you think is the hardest to tackle? Or what you do to handle these issues?) 

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again,

Rose Corrick
CEO, Art of Cloth


Please Forgive Our Learning Curve...

If you’ve been with me the past 3-4 years, you know I’ve launched not one, not two, but THREE websites.  

We started selling Art of Cloth online under a different name, Artful Sister, because I didn’t want to compete with our Art of Cloth wholesalers.  About two years ago, I listened to a wise consultant who told me that I was confusing my customers by having two different brands.  

“Be who you are”, he said.  

It resonated - that’s what Art of Cloth was supposed to be all about. Why weren’t we practicing it in our own online presence?

I took a deep breath, ditched Artful Sister, and began showing up as Art of Cloth. Period. One website.

As expected, I did upset many wholesalers by selling both online and selling to their stores. While that was painful - I’ve always had great relationships with our wholesale customers - the connection we were making with you was something special.

So much so, that as I shared with you last month, we’ve now left the wholesaling business altogether to focus solely on YOU, the retail online customer.

Alas, what does all of this mean for you?  Well, I am now personally devoting my time to delivering the best product that I can to you. I’m also diving into the website, trying to learn with my merry band here what we’re doing right and wrong.

What I’ve found is our big miss:  

We don’t stock enough quantity of our best stuff, and when we’re out, we’re out.

So, here is what I want you to know: if you like something, buy it. This is NOT a sales ploy.  I really mean this.  If you wait until it goes on sale, chances are your favorite garment in the size you need will be gone.  

For example, that same consultant from above made a very good point when the Seabreeze in Purple Persimmon sold out in one week.

"Wouldn't it be nice if we had more of those...?"

The simplicity of it all!

I am so sorry, but for our Fall collection, we’re only going to be able to restock a very few items.   

The good news is I’m paying attention and am designing our Spring Online collection with this in mind.  

As such, please tell me what you want more of on our website.  Tell me styles that you like, the colors you like, and the sizes you need. If you’ve been frustrated that your size sells out early, tell me!  Send me emails personally at and I will take note and respond. I promise!  

For me, this is a great learning experience. I’ve been a designer and artist my entire professional life, but I have never been so in touch with my customers as I am now with the new Art of Cloth!  

And admitting that I’ve made a mistake and hoping you’ll bear with us as we correct our faux pas is a big step for me.  (What I do know is that it feels good to be honest and humble about our screw-ups!)  

(Shown above: Angelica in the Bella-V in Purple Persimmon. One of those we were able to restock!)

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