nice to meet you.

In 2000, our founder, Rose Corrick, literally sold the shirt off her back in a church parking lot... and, after a lot of experimentation, Art of Cloth was born.  


We at Art of Cloth believe:

-That fashion can - AND SHOULD BE - meaningful, not meaningless.

-In bringing beauty to a world that really, really needs it.

-In being authentic artisans who earn a living by making.

-In you, expressing yourself in creative and beautiful ways.


Get to know us:

-We make all of our clothing in the USA... and we dye and print in Cleveland, Ohio.

-We jokingly - and not so jokingly - refer to ourselves as "a bunch of girls in a warehouse."

-We have a 3-legged studio dog.

-We like to dance... and we believe that the garments we make while dancing are inherently more beautiful.